are fat bars set to make a comeback?
Published on December 6, 2003 By BoXXi In OS Customization
I was pleasantly surprised to see today, whilst checking my download stats, that my WindowBlinds skin "Windows 2004" had reached over 10,000 downloads. I wasn't expecting this skin to do very well due to it's all round fat frame, but I have been heartened by the many comments saying that the size of the frame doesn't matter, as long as the skin is attractive and works well.

I have never been one to worry about the general size of a frame in WindowBlinds, preferring to get my artistic ideas across rather than worry about "screen real estate". I have never considered a skin unusable just because it doesn't have a 2millimetre wide frame, but then again, I have ALWAYS placed aesthetics above usability from day 1, it's just the way I am.

What DOES annoy me a little, is the fact that no one ever complained about the size of skins like "Nemesis" or "What is the Matrix", but then again, that is probably because they were technically advanced at the time of their release.

However, I will still continue to buck the trends in WB skinning, and be true to my love of artistically pleasing designs and colors, even if it means less downloads. But who knows, maybe the tide is turning...........................? (I hope so!)

here is a link to the skin in question.... "Windows 2004".
on Jul 09, 2006
Congrats on the 10k mark ... wondering if you can help me, i downloaded your pink panther one for the kids but i love that angel you have for the wallpaper on the preview and was wondering if you still had it if you could email me the angel, as the pink panther WB has no wallpaper with it?
thanks and congrats again..
my email is