The pressures of commercialism
Published on December 13, 2003 By BoXXi In OS Customization
I was faced with a decision today, and it was a difficult one for someone like me. As I have ranted about in my previous blog, I have never been one to jump on fashionable bandwagons to gain downloads or fame, but as my new website nears completion and I began to look at selling some premium skins, I realised I would have to compete with the trends of the day or remain graphically "off the wall" and retain my artistic integrity. Now, I do know what makes a fashionable skin, and creating the graphics for one is definitely not a problem, but I had to decide whether I wanted to make a "Glass and Steel" type skin. Although this type of skin always gets multitudinous downloads, they are just not my "thing".

So, my decision was, that if I wanted to sell a premium skin, I would have to give the people what they want or the whole notion of trying to make a few bucks from my skins would be a waste of time. And so, today, I began what will be known (to me) as "The Integrity Project", where I attempt to make a Glass and Steel type skin, but somehow try to give it my own individual stamp, and thereby (in MY head at least) retain my artistic integrity.

Because of the reasons outlined above, this will probably turn out to be a very interesting and challenging project for me, and one that I am looking forward to. I will give updates on my progress and my thoughts about this as I go along, so tune in later to see how I'm doing.
on Dec 13, 2003
You're rationalizing becoming a sell-out. Don't do it!

on Dec 14, 2003
How is it that listening to the rather simple law of demand instantly makes him a sellout?

I think it's a great idea - because he's doing something in a style you've traditionally avoided, Boxxi. Taking something you normally wouldn't create, and trying to do it - but at the same time, make sure you keep your own touch, and your own uniqueness!

Heck, if nothing else, the challenge of doing it should make the whole project worthwhile on its own!
on Dec 14, 2003

I have to agree with kthxbye.  It's not a sell-out attitude but an adaptation of your style to meet the demands of your business goal.

And in the end, if you feel that this new style is just not you, you do not have to release it.  Besides I know you well enough and have seen much of your artwork to know that you will definitely squeeze your style into the theme.  Don't be square, be BoXXi!

on Dec 14, 2003
Dan: Many would say I was selling out just for wanting to sell my skins, that's not the key issue here, but rationalizing is probably a good term, maybe I'm trying to rationalize a change in style.

kthxbye: it IS becoming a challenge....heh. I am having to rein in my "wild side".

T-Man: Wise words as always. I will take your words on board. Thanks for reading.
on Nov 20, 2004
I'd actually hope that your skin design/s might actually get other people looking at other ways to do what has already been done so many times before. Sure, people should continue to make glass/steel/dark/trendy skins if they want to, but try and do something different. I'm trying that now and it's not easy. I wish you luck and eagerly await the results of your project.
on Nov 20, 2004
Business Decisions: Knowing what style of product you personally like, and knowing what styles will sell, well thats just makes for good analysis. What you create for the purpose of making money is a business decision. What you create for your own artistic expression is a "labor of love". If people wish to purchase the later, all the better. You have to "pay the rent on the storefront to make ALL of your products availible. Your not "selling out", your covering all the bases! I'm eager to see what you come up with.
on Jan 18, 2005
on Jan 18, 2005
craeonics rushes forward to grab BoXXi's outstretched hand as he tumbles into the abyss of oblivion

From a business point of view, I can understand that in order for your skins to become popular and your business successfull, you'd have to go with the flow. However, this seemingly implies that your style is too awkward for most. Surely that is not the case, is it? Come on man, have some confidence!

Still, good luck on this journey. It should indeed be an interesting trip.