Looks kind of interesting....
Published on October 9, 2007 By BoXXi In Websites
I just started using this messenger type program, seems really cool. I have six invites to give away if anyone wants them. Send me your e-mail in a private message, first six will get them.

Check it out at the link below.

WWW Link
on Oct 09, 2007
It is like a chat room or a forum or what exactly?
I can't tell how/why this is better than the other chat clients I use.
on Oct 09, 2007
No, it puts a small messenger-like interface on your desktop, and you use it to chat, share files/photos etc with whoever you choose.
on Oct 09, 2007
I mostly use it to transfer files at a whim. For example, my brother and I like to share stuff, and we use it to send it to each other when it's convenient. Sorta like an email, but it's fun to use anyway.
on Oct 09, 2007
I use the multi-client chat apps Trillian and Meebo.com.  They allow for all the things that this appears to do.

If it can do it better then I'm willing to give it a shot but I don't need a duplicate system, ya know?

Thanks for posting the offer.  I'll keep an eye on it.
on Oct 09, 2007
Pownce is OK, but Twitter is still the best of these types of sites. 

on Oct 09, 2007
I used to use trill for my IRC and MSN for file stuff and regular chat...Now i use Chatzilla and MSN...only really stopped with trill, because theres rarely any new skins for it..