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October 14, 2002 by BoXXi
Many of you ask us where to find Photoshop tutorials, so I thought I would post a link to a massive list of tutorials that is sure to satisfy all your learning needs. You should be able to find help on any aspect of Photoshop here. Have fun! .......-=BoXXi=-.......
July 14, 2002 by BoXXi
Check out this extremely cool Flash game. See how long it takes you to figure it out!
July 1, 2002 by BoXXi
I just thought I would remind you all about this cool little skinnable application. It's a clock and resource meter all rolled into one, and if you are new to skinning, it's a good place to start learning as it's very simple to create skins for. Although we have no section for this at the moment, more skins can be found at LotsOfSkins, deviantArt and skinbase. Check it out, I'm sure you will like it.
May 7, 2002 by BoXXi
Judging by the amount of submissions we receive that contain copyrighted work, I'm certain that many must be uncertain about what can and can't be used. Take a look at this interesting site and find out about copyright and what it means to you.
April 7, 2002 by BoXXi
In a few months time, internet users will be able to make use of the JPEG2000 standard which it's developers claim, enables web graphics to be downloaded hundreds of times faster than is currently possible. This will not only make graphics-heavy web pages easier to download, it will also preserve image quality. The JPEG standard compresses image files which are then transmitted across the web faster than uncompressed files. The process of downloading large images often eats up bandwidth, thus s...
January 8, 2002 by BoXXi
If you are as addicted to Photoshop as I am, then I guess you are constantly looking for good sites with tutorials and information? "Photoshop Roadmap" has lots of interesting features and tutorials, and you can even bid for freelance graphics jobs! It's definitely worth a look. Here is the link...
January 4, 2002 by BoXXi
I know that many of you like to work in 3D programs like Bryce or 3DS Max, so if you want to see some quality 3D work you should take a look at this site. The work is by one of our own members (mismis), who is obviously extremely talented. Visit the gallery area to see what I mean. Here is the link...
December 13, 2001 by BoXXi
Do you want to watch your day magically disappear? If so, then take a ride out to Vector Park. If you have never visited before, whatever you do don't leave your brain at home! And while you are there, say hello to the rabbits for me. Oh, and don't forget to come back........
November 30, 2001 by BoXXi
Todays featured site is a fabulous Photoshop resource site called "DeepSpaceWeb". Just head over there and check out the great site design and everything you could want relating to photoshop,including tutorials, plug-in's, actions etc. here's the link:
November 26, 2001 by BoXXi
The guys over at "" are putting together a great little community site that looks and feels really good. Hop over there, take a look around, and maybe even sign up, It's free after all! MetaEffect is a great asset to the community, and with our support I'm sure they will coninue to grow. So, nice people, nice graphics, good messageboard, and some interesting tutorials. What more could you want? Check it out....
November 24, 2001 by BoXXi
Well, here is Saturdays cool site. Anders Quiker is one of the best exponents of the Flash medium. This is the sixth incarnation of his site, and it's another classic. As you admire the beautiful interface, be sure to check out his excellent Photoshop tutorials, and his "Portfolio" which shows the previous five versions of his site. Definitely not to be missed this one.
November 23, 2001 by BoXXi
From today I will be giving you a daily link to a cool website. These will mostly be graphics and skinning related of course, unless they are really spectacular. Todays site is one that I only came across recently, but I really like the style. It has some very good tutorials, which I know many of you are interested in. NOTE: on the opening page, at the top left of the interface, there is a ON/OFF switch, you have to turn it on before the site works. Take a look at "EffectLab"...... htt...
November 17, 2001 by BoXXi
To start a match, one player "serves" a Photoshop image to the other. The opponent takes the image, adds a new element to create a whole new picture and returns it to the serving player. For example, the houses of parliament could be sent to the USA, given a new paint job, and then be sent back for more tweaking. The rally carries on as each player adds to the image, until the match ends. This is decided by either a time limit, a forfeit or by mutual consent. Spectators can add comments in ...
June 23, 2001 by BoXXi
As this is a "portal" site to other skin sites, I think you should all pay a visit to It's a great site and just needs more visitors. You may want to upload some of your wonderful skins there too, to fill out the gaps. With many of the skin sites going down, we should be supporting the ones that are left.