Published on February 24, 2004 By BoXXi In WinCustomize News
What are you waiting for? Get over to "The Institute" and take a look around..........
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on Feb 24, 2004
Great site...WindowBlinds section will be added today, along with other Stardock, please visit, sign up and

Chat Box
Chat Room

.......stop by and say hello :0)
on Feb 24, 2004
If BoXXi recommends it...well, thats all that I need.

BTW, if you are having all these Stardock goodies, you really should think about the Stardock Affiliate program. Every little bit helps when it comes to paying the bills. )
on Feb 25, 2004
The site won't load for me
on Feb 25, 2004
Excellent site.
I'm on board
on Feb 25, 2004
I have seen it a while ago but i did not like it, it seemed mostly to be a place for visual style skinners, not much for object desktop subscribers.
on Feb 25, 2004
I am a Object Desktop subscriber, and I love it there...This is the reason why this has been posted...for more WindowBlind skinners to join...IOE is a site for all skinnerz alike...

I am very happy with Stardock Products and that is why I am trying to spread the word to StyleXP users...


These sections will be added shortly...Please feel free to upload and comment...Stick around, You'll like it
on Feb 25, 2004

It is a very nice site, indeed!

Get on over there folks.
on Feb 25, 2004
Sounds good, I'm going there right now
on Feb 25, 2004
Can definately tell its a skinners site.. 1280x1024.. yikes!!

I'm in as well....just waiting on the confirmation email.
on Feb 25, 2004
Awesome site, just getting started...definitely needs some WindowBlind submissions...maybe a Rainy and ObjectDock section.
on Feb 25, 2004
Nice looking site...signed up yesterday. Still waiting on confirmation, though.
on Feb 27, 2004
can't sign on not available

probably busy from all the traffic
on Feb 28, 2004
I tried to get on. I've signed up but they haven't sent me my confirmation e-mail. now I cant even view the page. I guess its really clogged up.
on Jan 18, 2005
on Jan 18, 2005
DNS doesn't resolve. Was the domain recently registered or moved or so?